Why Stay at a Bed and Breakfast?

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By John Kone, Innkeeper – Blue and Gray B&B
Why should you consider a bed and breakfast over other places to stay?

After all, the last place you stayed seemed okay, and there are plenty of hotels and motels along the way.

Next trip think about these three reasons:

Home Away from Home: A bed and breakfast is usually a home where you can get a good, quiet, comfortable night’s sleep. You’ll be served a delicious breakfast the next morning and it’s all included in one price. If the hosts live there, it is referred to as an “in home B&B”, but in any case someone will be there to greet you, check you in and help you anyway they can.

Located everywhere: B&Bs began in Europe (where they are very common) some time ago. They have now gained popularity all over North America, especially in the USA. B&Bs can usually by found wherever you travel-large or small cities and rural areas.

Intimate: Most B&Bs don’t won’t can’t shouldn’t or wouldn’t even try to offer what big hotels and/or motels provide. That is to say, “the night life”. If you are looking for lots of dancing, loud music, drinking crowds, etc., you may want to seek out a good hotel or motel. They have the bars, music shows and loads of people i.e. everything you could be looking for. But, if you want a clean, safe comfortable quiet place to stay, a place with an “at home” type atmosphere, then consider a B&B. You can still have all the other activities you want, you simply will have to go someplace else to get them – you won’t fine them at a B&B. Then, when you return to your B&B, you can look forward to all the amenities of a “home away from home”.

Other things to Consider:

Price: The cost of lodging varies from place to place, and it’s no different at B&Bs. The question is “what real value” is this place offering me? Without a doubt, the B&B offers greater value for your money.

Food: When staying at a hotel or motel, you can have your breakfast just about anywhere, but it will cost you. Most hotel or motel restaurants serve good food, but if you eat there expect to pay. If you stay in a B&B, the breakfast is great, wholesome and filling. The best part is that it’s included at no extra charge.

Forgotten Items: If you forget something at a hotel or motel, you might get it back. At a B&B, not only will you get it back, but the innkeepers will usually send it back at their own expense.

Intangibles: Suppose you are at a hotel or motel and you need something quickly like aspirin, an iron or directions. You could probably find most of these things, but when and where could you get them? If you are at a B&B, those things are already there, usually right in your room or close by or you just ask host for them.

Best Restaurants: You’ve heard the expression – “when you are in a strange town and you don’t know anything about the local restaurants, just go where you see the most vehicles because that’s where they serve the good food and that’s where the locals go”. That may or may not be true, but if you’re staying in a B&B, your host can direct you to excellent eateries. After all, they live there, so they know where the good food is and where not to go. Some innkeepers will even give discount coupons to the most popular restaurants.

Safety: We hear about crimes committed at or near hotels/motels. B&Bs are considered to be more secure. For example, most are located in residential area and there is always someone around. You usually don’t have to worry about locking doors or leaving keys in your car. (No matter where you are though, always lock your do and take your keys with you.) But if you forget while staying at a B&B, chances are that nothing will happen because an inn is generally a much safer place to stay.

Your Home Away from Home: We’ve all done it – awakened in some strange bed, in a strange place and thought to ourselves, “What am I doing here? I wish I was back home and in my own bed.” While a B&B is not your home, and it doesn’t have your bed, it can be the next best thing to actually being home.

Staying in a bed and breakfast can be quite an experience, especially if you have never visited one before. Chances are that once you try a B&B, you’ll never want to stay in a hotel or motel again!

Information from Carol’s Garden Inn