Enjoy a “Staycation” in Southern Illinois!

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Going on vacation can quickly become an expensive and stressful experience. In recent years, many couples and families have opted for a stay at home vacation, or “staycation”, to counter the costs of airfare and travel.

Sure, vacationing at home has its stress-free and cost-conscious merits, and if you haven’t become a tourist in your own hometown then there’s fun to be found by visiting our local museums, parks, festivals, and swimming holes for a refreshing day away. (And DON’T forget the wineries!) But what if you’ve dined just about everywhere and seen just about everything? Or maybe you just want to get out of the house for a few days?

If you’ve got even a little cash in your pocket, then perhaps it’s time to leave home for a “staycation” — a vacation where you pack your things and leave home to enjoy the sights and sounds of a neighboring community.  Even just a short drive out of your own neighborhood to a nearby community just a few miles away can afford you many vacation benefits without spending the big travel bucks.

While on a local or semi-local “staycation”, you get to experience the area from a different perspective, as a tourist instead of a local. But you still have the advantage of knowing the area well enough to have heard reviews, recommendations and word of mouth about restaurants and attractions.

Here in southern Illinois, it can be easy to plan and dash away for a refreshing weekend without spending a fortune. For a special night or two away, splurge a little by staying at a local Bed and Breakfast. Because you are saving on the cost of traveling long distance, you can spend a little more on the meals and a place to stay to make the experience even more special.

Plan an itinerary that includes touring the Shawnee Hills Wine Trail, visiting the boutiques and galleries around Marion, Herrin or Carbondale, getting in a round of golf at Kokopelli or catching a live show at the Marion Civic Center or Shryock Auditorium.  Or head north to enjoy the beauty of the Rend Lake recreation area, or visit the Pheasant Hollow Winery and CedarHurst Center for the Arts.

Book a weekend at Mary’s Bed and Breakfast for a relaxing and memorable vacation here in Southern Illinois.