Make it Special: Celebrate any Anniversary at Mary’s

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Whether you feel like celebrating the anniversary of your first kiss, your first date, the night he proposed or your wedding anniversary, you can make any day feel special with an intimate dinner at Mary’s Restaurant.  Don’t limit yourself to only one or two “special” days a year to celebrate your relationship or each other.

People often have the mindset that a nice dinner out should be limited to a special occasion such as a birthday, wedding anniversary or holiday.  The truth is, you can make any day of the year special with the right setting. Plan a romantic date night and treat each other to an evening for just the two of you. It will give you an opportunity to relax, reconnect and let go of the daily grind and just enjoy time together. And this is the best part of all, you get to let someone else do the cooking and cleaning up!

Even f you have awhile to wait for your next birthday or wedding anniversary, go ahead and plan a special date night next weekend at Mary’s Restaurant. Whether you are celebrating your first date, or just a Saturday night together, you can make it special at Mary’s.